Government & Justice

Learn how programs in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHaSS) can lead to careers in the areas of Government & Justice. Meet virtually with advisors and faculty as we answer questions about majors in History, Political Science, International Studies, Print and Broadcast Journalism.

Related Majors and Emphasis


International Studies - Major, Minor

Expand your perspective and gain knowledge relating to complex global issues. Study language, address problems relating to security, ethnic conflict and human rights, and practice interdisciplinary skills.

Criminal Justice

The associate’s degree in Criminal Justice gives students an educational background of the vast criminal justice system.

Ethics - Major

Focus on the nature of ethics in a variety of settings such as the medical field, business, politics, and environmental policies. Learn to reason and write with clarity and precision.

Philosophy - Major, Minor

Master skills of critical thinks and clear writing while learning how to understand varied perspectives. Develop effective communication skills, solve problems, and dive into the human condition.