World Languages & Cultures


Learn and improve your language skills, and understand a diverse range of Asian cultures and communities. Graduates majoring in Asian studies have career potential at international Asian companies and multicultural cities worldwide.

Majoring in Chinese language and culture, you will get to take courses in literature, music, and translation, emphasizing Mandarin Chinese. Mandarin is the world's second most widely known language, allowing graduates access to global career paths. Also offered as a teaching major.

Studying the French language and culture at USU is more than just speaking, listening, reading, and writing. You will also have the opportunity to take literary courses to understand better French-speaking communities' culture, traditions, and perspectives. Also offered as a teaching major

The German program at USU allows students to study German culture through language, literature, and tradition. Gaining a solid foundation in the German language and new perspectives in German-speaking communities. Also offered as a teaching major.

Study the Portuguese language while appreciating its colorful culture, fantastic food, and widespread influence. Portuguese is the official language of many independent countries and is widely studied as a second language.

With a Spanish language and culture degree, you can expect to advance your understanding of the community as you learn Spanish culture through language, literature, media, and art. Create more career opportunities for yourself by filling many needed bilingual positions in every career path. Also offered as a teaching major.


Masters of Second Language Teaching

Learn to teach Chinese language and culture.

Learn to teach French language and culture

Learn to teach German language and culture.

Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages -
Gain a certificate in teaching English. 

Learn to teach Spanish language and culture.