Latin American Studies



By minoring in Latin American studies, students will be able to supplement their degree with cultural and regional expertise of the countries and peoples of Latin America. After completing the minor, students will have demonstrated language competence and enhanced understanding of the historical, political and cultural forces that affect Latin America. 

Career Application

The Latin American studies minor requires language competency in introductory Spanish or Portuguese, so graduates can expect to leave prepared to become effective international citizens. Supplementing a bachelor’s degree with this minor will prepare students to seek employment as government workers, or with companies dealing in international business or development.

Get Involved

El Club de Español

El Club de Español is a place for students of all Spanish language capabilities to get together and practice their Spanish.

Study Abroad

Study languages in their native contexts and gain greater understanding of the ways that language influences populations and cultures.

Alumni Advice

Program Advisor

Brendan Lee

Brendan Lee

Academic Advisor

+1 435 797 3883
Logan (MAIN 323)

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