Master of Second Language Teaching

Graduate Program


The Master of Second Language Teaching graduate course is designed for students who are seeking graduate level training in second language teaching and acquisition. Students will study curriculum preparation, materials development, and assessment as well as gaining hands-on, practical experience in classroom teaching environments. 

Real World Application

The program is designed to help students transition into careers as second language educators immediately after graduation. Though the program does not lead to certification by the Utah State Board of Education to teach K-12, students can earn an ESL Endorsement while completing their degree. 

Alumni Experience

Andrea Sandry Jensen

Alumna Andrea Sandry Jensen is grateful for the many great mentors she’s had in her life, and she shares her advice and experience in a conversation with Outreach Coordinator Andrea DeHaan and CHaSS Career Coach Joseph Banks.

Research Focused EducationWoman looking through a bookshelf

In the MSLT program, students are required to take the LING 6010 course (Research in Second Language Learning) which equips them with the knowledge and tools to carry out their own research projects. MSLT students are also able to work with faculty members, and these collaborations often lead to co-authored research- or teaching-related projects that are published in academic journals.

Graduate FundingJar of money

Students can gain valuable teaching experience as a funded Graduate Instructors for the various language programs in the department while enrolled in the MSLT program.

Presentation OpportunitiesMan giving a presentation

Students are encouraged to present their research at the Lackstrom Linguistics Symposium, which is hosted by the MSLT program on an annual basis.


Program Advisor

Joshua J. Thoms

Joshua J. Thoms

Associate Professor, MSLT co-chairman

(435) 797-9065
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