CHaSS Grant Programs

In order to help faculty (including post-docs) at all USU campuses advance, undertake, and present their research and/or scholarship of teaching and learning, CHaSS provides several college-sponsored grant programs.

CHaSS funding is limited and competitive, with applications reviewed by the Associate Dean for Research and a committee of faculty reviewers. CHaSS funding should be considered secondary to a faculty’s departmental funding. Please see below for more information on CHaSS’s current grant programs.

  • Faculty Conference Grant: These grants fund in-person or virtual conference, meeting, and workshop participation up to $1000.
    Conference Grant RFP Apply Rubric

  • C.A.R.E. Award: The CHaSS Creative Activity and Research Enhancement (C.A.R.E.) Award supports faculty research productivity by providing up to $2000 in funding for a project that will lead to the development of a clearly defined research product within twelve months of the award.
    C.A.R.E. Grant RFP Apply Rubric

  • Reputation Catalyst Subvention Grant: An additional subvention for a conference, workshop, or professional meeting that is essential to a faculty member’s reputation (especially those soon up for tenure and/or promotion).
  • Senior Scholar Mentorship Grant: To facilitate mentorship of faculty and graduate students by external, renown senior scholars, this grant funds hands-on workshops (either in-person or virtually). This is a pilot program for 2022-23.
  • CHaSS Collaborative Research Grant: To facilitate interdisciplinary, interdepartmental research in CHaSS, this grant provides funding to host hands-on workshops or co-writing sessions (either in-person or virtually). This is a pilot program for 2022-23.



Other CHaSS Funding

The Mountain West Center for Regional Studies as well as The Center for Intersectional Gender Studies and Research administer additional faculty funding for CHaSS and other university faculty and graduate students:

Mountain West Center for Regional Studies

Public Programming Grants

Faculty Small Grants Program

Grad Student Research Grants Program

Center for Intersectional Gender Studies and Research

Intersections Faculty Research Fellowship

Intersections Faculty Teaching Fellowship

Intersections Event Co-Sponsorship Grant

Intersections Virtual Travel Grant

Office of Research Seed Grants

CHaSS oversees and facilitates submissions to university-level grants through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

For any of the following awards you must submit your application to the Associate Dean for Research Julia Gossard in CHaSS at least 1 week prior to the University’s deadlines.

For April 1 start dates, CHaSS applications are due by January 8 to meet the January 15 university application deadline.

Subvention Grant: To apply for these following opportunities, please contact the Associate Dean for Research.

  • The Research Catalyst (RC) program provides funding to help applicants develop projects that will lead to future external funding. It is expected that funded RC projects will result in the development and submission of at least one proposal to an external funding agency.
  • The Seed Program to Advance Research Collaborations (SPARC) provides funding to catalyze the development of interdisciplinary teams and projects that involve research/creative scholarship in more than one department, research center, college, or institution. Successful SPARC projects will result in the submission of at least one proposal to an external funding agency of at least $1 million.
  • The Grant-Writing Experience through Mentorship (GEM) program provides funding to enhance the professional development of investigators through one-on-one research/creative scholarship and grant-writing interaction with successful mentors.

External Funding & Sponsored Programs

About Sponsored Programs

All proposals for grants, contracts, and agreements must be submitted to the Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) for review, approval, and routing via Kuali Research PRIOR to SPOs’ submission to the funding sponsor. You should contact SPO and CHaSS Proposal Development Services early and often.

Visit SPO’s Proposal Preparation Resources

You should work with CHaSS Proposal Development Services for extramural proposals. Check out our Proposal Services page for assistance with Kuali and proposal development.

Suggested CHaSS Extramural Submission Process


CHaSS Proposal Development Services


CHaSS Associate Dean for Research Meeting


Sponsored Programs Office (SPO)


Submission to Extramural Agency

Extramural Funding Resources & Links

CHaSS faculty are active and successful in their pursuit of external grant funding from institutions like the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institutes for Health.

National Endowment for the Humanities

National Science Foundation

National Institutes for Healt

Social Science Research Council

Guggenheim Fellows