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The General English option provides Statewide Campus students with an alternative to the English Teaching emphasis. Logan Campus students should select one of the four emphases available to them. General English students will learn to research, write, and communicate effectively while gaining a broad understanding of English as an academic discipline.

Career Application

Students in General English may set up internships that combine their academic and professional interests.  They will graduate with transferable skill sets—problem solving, teamwork, and communication—prized by many employers in a variety of fields.

Get Involved

Helicon West

This uncensored open-mic is the perfect place to read your poetry and other writing in front of an audience.


The English department's internship program is designed to help students enrich their education, gain practical experience, and earn credit towards their degrees.

Sink Hollow

Gain valuable publishing experience by curating, producing, and marketing USU's undergraduate literary magazine.

The Bull Pen

Discuss your creative writing with other writers, participate in poetry slams, and flex your creative muscles with other students.

The English Club

The English Club is a social organization of English majors and minors that brings together students who enjoy reading, writing, and learning.

Alumni Advice

Jared Stein

Listen to a discussion with Jared Stein as part of our Alumni Lunch Series at CHaSS.

Paige Frame

Working from home is not a recent change for alumna Paige Frame. As president of McKinnon-Mulherin, she’s an expert when it comes to working from a home office because she’s been doing it for years!

Stacie Stewart

USU Alumni Stacie Stewart gives Pre-Law students a breakdown on how to choose and apply for law school, along with hints and tips on helping your odds to get in.

Program Advisor

Susan Parkinson

Susan Parkinson

Academic Advisor Senior

Old Main 106

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  • Utah State University offers many options for financial aid, including university level scholarships and aid available to specific colleges and majors.