Program Highlight: English Teaching

Opening Doors for Young Minds

Students with an emphasis in English teaching study literature and writing and learn how to teach these subjects for secondary school students. Principals look for teachers who are willing to organize additional tutoring support, advise clubs, and publish yearbooks, newspapers, or literary magazines. Opportunities offered through the Department of English help majors get a jump start on these interests and skills. The composite degree offers a robust curriculum with opportunity to specialize in literature, writing, or American studies.

English Programs

American Studies

This interdisciplinary program encourages students to combine, cross, and stretch academic boundaries as they study the diversity and complexity of American history and cultures.

Creative Writing

Read, write, and workshop original creative fiction and nonfiction work with your fellow students as you gain practical skills to launch your creative writing career.

English Teaching

Future teachers of English in secondary schools study literature, writing, and pedagogy while having opportunities to gain practical experience through tutoring, action research, and professional development events.

General English

The General English option offers Statewide Campus students a broad range of courses across all areas of the English department.


Learn the value of storytelling as you practice the writing, speaking, research, teamwork, and critical-thinking skills that prepare you for a career that matters.


Learn to analyze folktales, legends, jokes, personal experience narratives, proverbs, superstitions, festivals and celebrations, yard art, dance, and costume.

MA/MS in Folklore Studies

Folklorists may analyze folktales, legends, jokes, personal experience narratives, proverbs, superstitions, festivals and celebrations, or yard art, dance, and costume.

Program Highlights

Upcoming Events

Get Involved

The Department of English, the largest humanities unit in the university, is a diverse community of teachers, scholars, and students, who work together towards a better understanding of the English language and its manifestation in literature, writing, culture, and the workplace.  Despite the size of the department our classes are small, offering individualized attention that helps students succeed and opens doors to both undergraduate research opportunities, and ultimately to careers that matter.

Undergraduate Research

Utah State University is one of the premiere undergraduate research colleges in the United States, and students of English can take advantage of opportunities to partner with faculty on projects.

Helicon West

This uncensored open-mic is the perfect place to read your poetry and other writing in front of an audience.


The English department's internship program is designed to help students enrich their education, gain practical experience, and earn credit towards their degrees.

Sigma Tau Delta

USU's chapter of the English Honor Society, a group dedicated to highlighting high-performing English students.

Sink Hollow

Gain valuable publishing experience by curating, producing, and marketing USU's undergraduate literary magazine.

Study Abroad

Study languages and cultures in their native contexts in order to gain an understanding of populations of other countries and the origins of many different facets of modern society.

The Bull Pen

Discuss your creative writing with other writers, participate in poetry slams, and flex your creative muscles with other students.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Utah State University offers many options for financial aid, including university level scholarships and aid available to specific colleges and majors.