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Friday, March 1

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Tanner Symposium on Women & America's Vietnam War

Panel Discussion/Presentation

The United States formally ended its participation in what it called the Vietnam War fifty years ago. Many are still living with the legacies of this conflict, and one of the populations deeply affected by this devastating event were the women of many backgrounds who served militarily, had loved ones go to war, tended those affected by their direct participation in the war, protested its impact, or otherwise attempted to make sense of the war’s complex experiences and legacies. In connection with USU’s ongoing Bringing War Home Project that is collecting objects and stories from veterans and military families about modern war, we invite students, scholars, creative artists, and community members to share perspectives, especially from local history, in order to open conversations about the experiences of women who participated on multiple sides and sites of this conflict. We encourage interdisciplinary submissions from history, anthropology, material culture studies, archival studies, communications, literature, and the creative arts. This will be a live event, but there will be options for virtual participation for those who cannot attend in person.

9:00 am - 6:30 pm | Eccles Conference Center |



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