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Curse of the CHaSS-o-Lantern

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Last year, during the CHaSS-o'-Lantern's flight from the tunnels, his children were unleashed upon the world. Though small they be, their spooky mouths and button eyes wreaked havoc across the historic USU campus, and they haven't stopped since.

Even after a century of freetime, the CHaSS-o'-Lantern is running out of bedtime stories. He needs your help to lull his children back to sleep so he can wander without worry. Unfortunately, his children are picky and are only able to fall asleep to very, very, very short horror stories.

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Think. Discover. Create. That’s the approach the College of Humanities and Social Sciences takes as it seeks to inspire and guide students who strive for purpose, service and critical thinking.

Did you know that CHaSS offers more than 25 majors and 40 minors? With such a wide variety of options, students can truly customize their education and leave with the skills and degree necessary to pursue their passions.

In this video our advising team give a look into much of what we have to offer.


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Museum Week

In honor of Top of Utah Museum Week, which will take place Sept. 13-18, all USU main campus and USU Eastern museums, as well as the Cache Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (DUP) Museum, will offer free admission and special programming to patrons. Learn more about what the week has to offer here.

Museum Week Overview

CHaSS Trailheads : Learn where your degree can take you

CHaSS alumni in established careers are giving back through a series of events throughout the semester. Be sure to save the date according to the schedule below:

Calendar for fall semester events