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Sat. Oct. 8 | 3pm | Education Lawn

Whether you’re looking to reconnect or learn more about our college, Home to CHaSS invites you and yours to join us on the Education lawn two hours before kickoff for this free and fun homecoming tradition. Let us know you plan to stop by!

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Explore Programs





Research with an impact

Degrees in humanities and social sciences cultivate highly-adaptable professional skills in students through teaching effective communication, research, data analysis and creative problem-solving.

Education through mentorship

Faculty in the Field

Our faculty actively undertake research projects that reach into every aspect of the modern world, creating understanding and affecting change in important ways.

Undergrad Research

Students at CHaSS can always find professors who share their research interests and are willing to act as mentors during their undergraduate research experiences, paving the way for the development of adaptable, professional skills.

Alumni Involvement

Humanities and social science alumni are embedded in careers in both the private and public sectors. From in person Q&A sessions to workplace tours students can get a sense of what careers look like after graduation.