CHaSS Scholarships

Help students by supporting the CHaSS Scholarship fund

Scholarship support goes a long way to help students with financial need reach their academic goals. Each spring, our college awards as many $1,000 scholarships to qualified students as possible. These funds come from combining all CHaSS Scholarship donations received throughout the year from alumni and friends like you. This year our goal is to award 30 of these scholarships because the need is so great and our students so deserving!

Thank you for considering a gift in support of this initiative. Everyone who contributes will receive a thank you note from a current scholarship recipient. Your generosity has far-reaching effects on the lives of these students and perpetuates a cycle of giving among the Aggie family we are extremely proud of.

Please give, or set up a recurring gift, today!

How to Give

CHaSS Scholarships

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CHaSS Scholarships
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Make checks payable to "Utah State University."

Stock or Wire Transfer:
Contact Justin Barton at 435-797-4473, or Emily Heaton at 435-797-0267 for instructions.