Light on the Hill 2021

Welcoming in a new school year.

The Utah State University College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHaSS) hosted its annual Light on the Hill event on Tuesday, Aug. 31. The event attracted students from colleges all over USU. The high student attendance was a clear sign that students are happy to be back in person after over a year of mostly virtual learning and events.

“I am most excited to have in-person activities this year,” said Megan Thomson, a USU senior studying public relations. “I had to do a lot of online activities for my club last semester and I’m excited to finally be in person. There is something so special about being with other people.”

The two-hour event started with food and socializing. Free snow cones and $1 tacos were offered as students walked around over 40 booths which featured clubs and organizations from CHaSS. The booths reminded students of the many opportunities CHaSS offers for student involvement. Live music was played by the Kin Felix band.

“I’m an exploratory major right now but I’m interested in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences… I love the atmosphere of learning about different cultures and languages that is found here,” said USU freshman Carter Fielding. “This event gave me the opportunity to look into the clubs and involvement opportunities that are offered here.”

The second part of the event, the Twilight Ceremony, was held in the Old Main Hill Amphitheatre. During the Twilight Ceremony, students were addressed by Celeste Rodriguez, CHaSS student senator, Isaiah Jones, parent program coordinator at USU and Moises Diaz, professor of social work at USU.

A message from Brittny Goodsell, a communications manager at the Washington State Office of Financial Management and USU CHaSS alum, was published exclusively online during the event.

Students lit and held candles as they listened to the speakers. The increasing brightness of the candles as the sun set represented the power of CHaSS students when they unite.


Celeste Rodriguez | Student Senator

Listen to the 2021 CHaSS senator, Celeste Rodriguez, welcome studentsto a new semester during Light on the Hill with some advice on how to make the most of their time at Utah State University

Moises Diaz | Giraffe Award Winner

Moises Diaz offers words of encouragement and optimism in the face of the ongoing pandemic to incoming Utah State University students at CHaSS's Light on the Hill event.

Brittny Goodsell | Alumni Speaker

CHaSS alum Brittny Goodsell has spent more than a decade as a professional writer or communicator of some kind. In her 2021 Light on the Hill speech, she offered advice to incoming Utah State University freshmen on the topics of passion, professional flexibility and success.

Isaiah Jones | Alumni Speaker

Isaiah Jones, a parent program coordinator at Utah State University, shares some academic advice and resources at Light on the Hill to help students succeed in the new school year.