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Learn the value of storytelling as you practice the writing, speaking, research, teamwork, and critical-thinking skills that prepare you for a career that matters. Recognized for innovative teaching and groundbreaking scholarship, faculty members offer courses that range from Beowulf to Virginia Woolf, from Shakespeare to Colson Whitehead, from poetry, plays and novels to comic books, digital culture and film noir.

Career Application

Graduates of the literature emphasis have mastered research, reading, writing, and oral communication skills that will help them succeed at virtually any career, including (but not limited to) business and marketing, publishing, teaching, museum and library work, arts organizations, and virtually any other path they might pursue. The same skills prepare them to continue their education in graduate and professional programs in practically any field.

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The English department's internship program is designed to help students enrich their education, gain practical experience, and earn credit towards their degrees.

USU Honors Program

Participate in discussion-oriented classes and reading groups while taking advantage of other Honors-specific benefits.

Undergraduate Research

Utah State University is one of the premiere undergraduate research colleges in the United States, and students of English can take advantage of opportunities to partner with faculty on projects.

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  • Utah State University offers many options for financial aid, including university level scholarships and aid available to specific colleges and majors.