Tanner Symposium on Warfare and Welfare in Times of Crisis. Please check out the upcoming Tanner Symposium, which addresses the impact of crisis on underrepresented communities. A panel focusing on Socio-economic Marginalization in Times of Instability will be held April 8th, 9-11am (Zoom Link), featuring Dr. Yesola Kweon (USU), Dr. Sojung Lim (USU), Dr. Xian Huang (Rutger Univ.) and Dr. Nicole Wu (Princeton Univ) and a second panel on States and the Crisis of War will be held April 9th, 9-11am (Zoom Link), featuring Dr. Susan R. Grayzel (USU), Lucy Noakes (Essex Univ.), Kristen Williams (Clark Univ.), and Anna Pechenkina (USU). For more information, please click on Tanner Symposium: Warfare and Welfare in Times of Crisis, 2021.

The Tanner Symposium will also feature a Covid-19 Roundtable on April 8th, 2-4pm (Zoom Link). This roundtable invites five scholars to discuss The Racial and Gender Impacts of Covid-19, including Mala Htun (Univ. New Mexico), Rebecca Kreitzer (Univ. North Carolina), Guadalupe Marquez-Velarde (USU), Gabe Miller (Mississippi State Univ.), and Diane Wong (Rutgers Univ.). This is a very timely event that touches on important topics related to the current public health crisis. For more information, please click on Tanner Symposium: A State of Crisis: Gender and Racial Impacts of Covid-19, 2021.

Book Club

The CHaSS Staff Book Club is sponsored by the Anti-Oppression Committee as part of its ongoing mission to create a just campus community. The Staff Book Club meets several times a semester to discuss a book that addresses topics related to equity and inclusion. The book club is open to all staff, offering an invitation for a meaningful yet challenging conversations around experiences of structural and systematic oppressions. To support staff and remove barriers for participation, the Anti-Oppression Committee provides the books at no cost to participants. 

Upcoming selections
February 2021: The Beginning and End of Rape: Confronting Sexual Violence in Native America by Sarah Deer
March 2021: The Round House by Louise Erdrich

If you are a staff member in CHaSS or at the university and would like to participate in the book club please contact:

Jeannie  Sur

Jeannie Sur

Business Manager

Phone: 435-797-9686
Office Location: Old Main 321B

Teach-In for Racial Justice

In solidarity with nationwide efforts to support Black lives, Utah State University hosted a virtual teach-in on Wednesday, September 92020. Co-sponsored by the Center for Intersectional Gender Studies and Research, the CHaSS Anti-Oppression Committee, and the Latinx Cultural Center, this “teach in” was held in conjunction a national #scholarstrike inspired by professional athletes’ protests against systemic racism. This event featured a series of discussions focusing on USU student athletes’ efforts in addressing racial injustice, connections between religion and racial (in)justice, COVID-19 and police brutality, and local perspectives on Black Lives Matter and police reform in Utah. These discussions have been recorded and archived to serve as resources for education and activism here in our local community. To access resources from USU’s Teach In: Teach In for Racial Justice. 

The Voting Rights 1870, 1920, 2020 Symposium

Utah State University hosted an interdisciplinary symposium in Fall 2020 that commemorates the historic events that gave political rights to women, but that also reflects on ongoing struggles for access to the vote. This symposium, which has received funding from Utah Humanities, the Tanner Humanities Grant in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Office of the Provost at Utah State University, featured a series of panels and keynote presentations that are currently available for viewing. To access these resources, please visit the website for the Voting Rights Symposium. 

For more information about women leaders and activists, please visit Unladylike 2020which provides a series of 26 short films and 1-hr documentary profiling diverse and little-known American women from the turn of the 20th century who fought for equal rights and justice.