CHaSS Trail Heads

See where your degree can take you


We want you to succeed

At CHaSS, we know that the path leading to your professional goals can feel daunting and unclear. Luckily, our extended network of alumni are here to help!

The CHaSS Trailheads initiative gives CHaSS alumni a platform to deliver professional career advice directly to students through podcasts, live events and networking opportunities. Students will find their expertise and knowledge applicable at any point in their educational expeditions. Freshman can learn which classes or skills were most influential to graduates in their professions. Seniors can discover professional development skills such as resume writing or LinkedIn profile visibility tips. By following these Trailheads, students can chart informed, purposeful paths through their education and into meaningful careers.

Career Resources


Alumni showing the way to meaningful degrees

Do you strive to study your passions but aren’t quite sure how your degree will apply to the work force? This event series illuminates the many places that your degree can take you, and you don’t have to be a student to attend. Learn how to take the steps that will turn what you love into a meaningful career.


Access opportunities through connecting with alumni

Each fall and spring semester, our college hosts a networking event to connect students with potential internships and career opportunities. These networking nights are full of graduates of our college looking to bolster their workforce with members who know how to “Think – Discover – Create.” Learn how to participate and start your professional journey.

Tune In

Discover treasure troves of advice

Want to hear professional development advice but can’t make it to a live event? Not a problem! Our CHaSS Trailheads podcast is perfect for on-the-go career advice. Each episode contains a complete alumni presentation so you can listen the stories and suggestions that got them where they are today.