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Sociology is the study of the human individual and human groups. It systematically describes and explains group behavior, the interaction of the individual with the group, and the interactions of groups with each other. Sociology offers a broad foundation for understanding human behavior and encourages the development of critical thinking.


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Anthropology is the study of all cultures across time and space. Through comparative studies, anthropologists determine how people of the world are similar and different. They explore issues such as health care, human rights, law, industry, development, global population and more. The possibilities for those with a degree in Anthropology are almost endless, and our Anthropology Program offers four ways to study cultural variation among humans: Cultural Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, Archaeology, and Environmental Change, Community Engagement, and Wellness.



A New Department

With major changes to the structure of the departments within CHaSS, the college is better equipped to allocate resources and help students excel at their personal and professional goals. Students in sociology and anthropology programs will be able to take full advantage of this restructuring through involved faculty, departmental help and more.

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