October 29, 2020

Capturing "Love in the Time of Coronavirus"

masked people embracing in an autumn background. Two yorkies are in the woman's arms.

Last chance to catch “Love in the Time of Coronavirus”

By: Kelsie Holman, CHaSS Communications Journalist

Dr. Spicer-Escalante, professor of Hispanic Studies, has partnered with the Nora-Eccles Harrison Art Museum to exhibit his photography project “Love in the Time of Coronavirus.” The project centers around pictures of Cache Valley residents showing how they are dealing with the pandemic and the changes happening in the world around them. The photos are paired alongside interviews with their subjects talking about their personal experiences with the pandemic. 

“I wanted to show a heartfelt rendering of what was going on around us in this significantly changed terrain,” said Spicer-Escalante. “I also wanted to give a voice to the community and make sure the project was representative of the community around us.”

The project includes a diverse group of people ranging in ages from one month to 85 years old. It also features a wide range of experiences, including stories from President Noelle Cockett and high school students who had to miss their graduation due to the pandemic. Additionally, Spicer-Escalante included his own family and their experiences in the project.

Spicer-Escalante made sure the photos were taken with extreme safety measures in place to protect both him and his subjects during the process. Everyone wore masks and gloves with the pictures taken from at least six feet away, and the pictures were taken in places where the subjects felt safe.

“I am extremely grateful for the university’s support in this other creative side of my life and that these people allowed me to peer into their lives in such a difficult moment,” said Spicer-Escalante. 

The exhibit will be featured at the museum through November 8th and is also available online.


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