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The Future of the Political Science Department

Political science offers two new certificates for modern-world skills

By: Kelsie Holman, CHaSS Communications Journalist

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences political science program is gearing up to get things back to normal this fall. While there are still online and Zoom classes being offered, the number of in-person classes offered is being increased. The program is also planning on holding in-person events, starting with this year's faculty retreat.

“Going back to normal allows us to go back to the in-person forums and events that make political science so unique,” said Anthony Peacock, director of the department.

Coming out of the pandemic, the program has two new certificates being offered to students, the Global Peacebuilding Certificate and a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Certificate.

The Global Peacebuilding Certificate will allow students to gain proficiencies in peacebuilding, a skill useful to a variety of jobs and employers. The multi-disciplinary certificate requires classes from across all of CHaSS as well as an internship and final capstone project. Students will be able to engage with experiences in and out of the classroom and can gain skills that will last them their whole career.

The other certificate being offered to students is a joint effort between the philosophy department and the economics department. The Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Certificate, or PPE, will allow students to gain foundational skills in all three disciplines. The skills students will gain from the courses in this certificate will be helpful in any career. Students will be required to take classes in all three disciplines as they develop skills associated with the fields.

“Political science is a civic-engaged field and the new certificates and events going on are representative of that,” said Peacock.


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