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Christopher González - Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

New associate dean of graduate studies

By: Kelsie Holman, CHaSS Communications Journalist

Christopher González, full professor in Utah State University’s English literature program, is taking the position of associate dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at USU. González has been at USU since 2017. He teaches classes in American literature, underrepresented literature, and Latinx literature across media forms such as novels, film, television, and comic books. He is also a founding director of the Latinx Cultural Center.

González intends to focus on helping improve graduate studies and resources within CHaSS. He wants to look at obstacles to grad school outside of the typical barriers, like identity and culture, and work on breaking those barriers down. Improving CHaSS’ infrastructure and helping ensure visibility for student identities and cultures that often go unrecognized are important goals for González.

“Ignorance is what we are trying to combat by gaining a college education. We are trying to fill gaps of knowledge that exist both in and out of the classroom,” said González.

González feels empowered to help CHaSS make decisions of action to help students who are less visible to the university. He thinks the communication skills he acquired through his English experience will help him with being an administrator.

“My experience in narrative theory will help me because it lets me recognize how identity is presented through our own stories in the real world,” said González.


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