June 29, 2018

A note from our development officer: The trials of tuition 

CHaSS Development Officer Justin Barton unrolling a hammock for sleeping in the park.CHaSS Development Officer Justin Barton breaks a new Logan City ordinance that bans hammocks in city parks as he reminisces about his years as a student whose budget woes forced him to spend many a night sleeping in the park.

Share with us your experiences and creative hacks for paying your college tuition

By Justin Barton ('11 Social Work)
CHaSS Development Officer

What creative methods did you use to get through school? Did you benefit from any scholarships? I’d love to hear your story! Please email me at justin.barton@usu.edu to share. We will feature some highlights in the next issue of Liberalis.

The best part of my job is sharing with donors how their gifts makes a difference to a student in need. If you can remember your own college days, then you can appreciate how even a small scholarship can make an enormous difference to a student who is facing the choice between paying tuition or buying food.

I’ve seen USU students save or earn money through pretty interesting ways – selling action figures on eBay, “donating” plasma and spending hours crouched in the bookstore’s aisles to read books they can’t afford to buy. As a student myself in the 2000s, I saved on rent in warm weather by sleeping in Logan’s Merlin Olsen Park and showering at the HPER. The bulk of my food came in the form of damaged cookies and goldfish crackers from my forklifting job at Pepperidge Farm in Richmond. I supplemented these rations by eating more than my fair share of free cheese samples at Gossner’s in Logan.

When I received a small scholarship of $200 as a junior, I felt as if I had won the lottery! I know I’m not the only one to experience scholarship salvation. What about you? Did scholarships boost your college career? What hacks did you use to pay the bills? We’d like to hear your stories!


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