April 10, 2021

Even More Departments in CHaSS

Department of Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies at Utah State University dissolves into two new departments

By: London Schow, CHaSS Social Media & Events Intern  

LOGAN, UT — The Department of Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies (LPCS) recently announced its last semester. The existing department is being dissolved to make way for two new departments. After great consideration, this expansion within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Utah State University will allow for continual growth and more opportunities for students, faculty and staff.

“As our college continues to grow, we must change and adapt to fit the needs of our students,” Joseph Ward, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, said. “The new Department of Languages and the Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies will provide a more centralized place for students, faculty and alumni to connect. Our faculty and staff are taking the utmost care to ensure a seamless transition for students, and I am confident that these two new departments are bound for success.”

The split will officially occur on July 1, 2021, and the new departments will be known as the Department of World Languages and Cultures and the Department of Communication Studies and Philosophy.

“I am grateful to have been able to be the department head of Languages, Philosophy and Communication Studies, and I am grateful the university is supporting turning the department into two departments,” LPCS department head Bradford Hall said. “I believe it will be a win-win for the students and faculty in these programs.”

As the existing LPCS department continues to grow and increase in specialization, two new departments are needed in response to the high demand for classes and the large number of students enrolling in the programs housed within the department. The department currently houses 10 distinct majors, 16 minors, and two graduate programs.

“The Department of Languages, Philosophy, and Communication Studies has been a wonderful department to be part of,” Hall said. “However, it has grown so large and diverse that it makes sense to divide it. The creation of these two new departments will allow the faculty and students to develop an even greater sense of community and each major will be able to receive more focused support.”

To head the new departments, David Richter has been chosen to serve as the new Department Head of World Languages and Cultures, and Jennifer Peeples was chosen to serve as the new Department Head of Communication Studies and Philosophy.

Students enrolled in current LPCS programs will be allowed to finish their degrees without complication. Relevant updates will be sent to individuals affected by this change as further information becomes available.



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