March 6, 2019

Fresh and important research presented on Capitol Hill by undergrads

Undergraduate scholars presented their research on some of the most vital issues facing our times, from sexual assault on campus to the notorious M-13 gang. Their audience was made up of members of the Utah State Legislature.

We're proud to say that 10 of those enthusiastic scholars are affiliated with the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. They exhibited their work at the annual Research on Capitol Hill event March 5 at the Utah State Cpitol Building.

The annual event demonstrates the important  research coming from undergraduates of the top two research universities in this state: Utah State University and the University of Utah.

It also demonstrates the breadth of research programs that are part of Utah State Humanities and reinforces the value of state-funded higher education.

Here are the CHaSS students presenting this year:

Daniel Bertrand, History

Mentor: Dr. Susan Cogan
Building the Medieval Trebuchet

Tori Bodine, Math and Statistics, BS in Political Science

Mentor: Dr. Jeannie Johnson
Implications of Emerging Technologies for Law Enforcement and its Impact on Public Trust

Levi Cragun, Criminal Justice

Mentor: Dr. Jason Leiker
Kids Killing Kids: A Look into Mental Illness, Adolescence, and Mass Murder

Madison Elliott, Social Work

Mentor: Dr. Jessica Lucero
The Influence of Neighborhood Cohesion on Homelessness in Cache Valley, Utah

Taya Godfrey, Sociology

Mentor: Dr. Mehmet Soyer
Feminism in Fracking: An Analyzation of Women’s Activism Regarding Hydraulic Fracturing

Cassidy Gummersall, Communication Studies

Mentor: Dr. Matthew Sanders
Between Commercial and Nonprofit: Narratives of Social Businesses

Hannah Penner, Political Science

Mentor: Dr. Jeannie Johnson
Cultural Traits of Salvadoran Gangs Offer Chance for U.S. to Weaken MS-13

Spencer Sproul, Political Science

Mentor: Briana Bowen
Fake News!: Russian Disinformation Targets Cognitive Biases in Physical and Cyber Mediums

Elizabeth Starrett, Psychology

Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Roark
The Art of Seduction: College Male Perceptions of Sexual Willingness

Casey Trout, Sociology (Environment and Society

Mentor: Dr. Courtney Flint
Utah Wellbeing Study: Environment Insights


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