April 8, 2019

New professors, other promotions announced by CHaSS

The new professors and associate professors.New professors (top row): Victoria Grieve, History; Christa Jones, French; Charles Waugh, English. New associate professors (clockwise from top right) are: Jared Colton, English; Ekaterina Arshavskaya, Intensive English; Jeannie Johnson, Political Science; Candi Carter Olson, JCOM; and Josh Ryan, Political Science. Below is new criminal justice professor Scott Henrie, director of the Police Academy at USU Eastern.
New professor Scott Henrie

 Promoted to full professor are:

  • Charles Waugh, English
  • Victoria Grieve, History
  • Christa Jones, French
  • Scott Henrie, Criminal Justice

Those promoted to associate professor with tenure are:

  • Jared Colton, English
  • Candi Carter Olson, Journalism and Communication
  • Ekaterina Arshavskaya, Intensive English
  • Jeannie Johnson, Political Science
  • Josh Ryan, Political Science

Other promotions:

  • Clair Canfield, Communication Studies, promoted to Senior Lecturer.
  • Moises Diaz, Social Work, promoted to Clinical Associate Professor.

Clair Canfield and Moises Diaz
Clair Canfield, Communication Studies, and Moises Diaz, Social work.


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