November 12, 2021

Becoming a Friend of Languages

A student walks along a train stop with luggage packed
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Any donations invited in fundraiser for new department and building

By: Lyndi Robins, CHaSS Communications Journalist

While plans are being finalized for the new Mehdi Heravi Global Teaching and Learning Center, fundraising efforts for the building and the Department of World Languages and Cultures are in full swing.

Mehdi Heravi, the namesake of the new building, is an advocate for college students gaining international experiences. Following his legacy, CHaSS has created a campaign, called “Friends of Languages,” where patrons can donate to fund a world languages and cultures student’s international study opportunities.

Studying internationally means paying for travel costs while also taking months off work, meaning many students who have the desire to study abroad lack the financial means to take advantage of international education opportunities.

“Our fundraising efforts are not about just putting a building up,” said Justin Barton, CHaSS development officer. “It’s about the impact. We are going to use the donations to support students in study abroad programs.”

The names of donors contributing $50 or more to the “Friends of Languages” campaign will be listed on a plaque in the language lab of their choice.

“It all makes a difference,” Barton said. “Donations add up, so even if you donate $50, we will be better equipped to send a student to Spain for the summer.”

Opportunities for naming parts of the new Mehdi Heravi Global Teaching and Learning Center are also still available.

“Even small donations can mean the difference between comfortable seating, additional or warmer lighting, useful and beautiful finishes,” said Rebecca Walton, USU associate professor of technical communication and rhetoric. “Small donations will make many tiny differences to make the space even more welcoming.”

Donors interested in making financial contributions to the new building should contact Justin Barton and Emily Heaton, CHaSS development officers or Joseph Ward, CHaSS dean, for additional information.


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