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The Philosophy of Charity

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Unique Philosophy Class Being Offered Next Semester  

Temporary Professor Michael Otteson has designed a new philosophy course that gives students the opportunity to make real-world decisions using skills developed in the class.  Students will develop skills such as ethical decision making and critical thinking skills.

 PHIL-1120, or Social Ethics, will allow students to view contemporary social and political issues through philosophical context.

“I wanted to provide a class that teaches students how to live an ethical life and deal with social issues using a philosophical lens,” said Otteson.

 Students enrolled in the class will have the chance to donate real money to a charity of their choice. Professor Otteson collected $1000 to donate to a charity that the students will decide on. Students will use the decision making and argumentative skills they develop over the semester to pick a charity and argue why their choice should receive the funds. At the end of the class, the students will vote on what charity will get the money.

This class will be offered next semester and counts for a Breadth-Humanities credit.

Author: Kelsie Holman, CHaSS Student Journalist
Photo Credit: Matthias Zomer - Pexels.com

Interested in Philosophy?

Talk to your advisor to find out how to integrate this into your course schedule. Check out the philosophy website for more information.


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