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Farewell to 668 CHaSS grads, you'll do great things

Dean Joe Ward greets comers to the CHaSS graduation luncheon
CHaSS Dean Joseph Ward greets new graduates and their families at a luncheon in the Nelson Field House following commencement. About 1,500 people stopped by to share congratulations and indulge in Aggie ice cream.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences recognized 668 graduates for the year 2017-18 and sent them out into the world to make it a better place.

The most popular degrees were social work with 82 grads; English with 81; communications studies with 59; and sociology with 58.

Dean Joe Ward expressed his pride for the students’ accomplishments. “I wish them the best,” he said, “because if they go out into the world with curiosity and energy and a commitment to doing the right thing, they’ll be successful no matter what path they end up on.”

Scroll down to see a gallery, and scroll down even more to see what degree program had the most graduates.

(Hint: It wasn't German or philosophy or American Studies.)


Totals of diplomas awarded in each degree program

Degree Graduates in 2018 Graduates in 2017
American Studies 3 5
Anthropology 29 25
Asian Studies 7 4
Criminal Justice (associates) 19 24
Communication Studies 59 49
English 81 105
French 2 4
Global Communications 19 19
German 4 1
General Studies 14 16
History 53 47
International Studies 28 15
Interdisciplinary Studies 26 44
Journalism and Communication 43 48
Law and Constitutional Studies 15 11
Liberal Arts 30 30
Philosophy 9 9
Political Science 51 39
Religious Studies 10 5
Sociology 58 45
Social Work 82 74
Spanish 26 26
Total graduates 668 645


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