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A Light on the Hill for students who be the light of the world

Hundreds of new and not-so-old CHaSSies gathered for this annual ritual to kick off the school year

A new batch of fresh faces, and many familiar ones, joined together for the annual A Light on the Hill event, on Tuesday, Aug. 28, at Old Main Hill’s amphitheater. This year’s crowd, the largest ever in LOTH’s xx history, lighted candles full of promise and received an injection of spirit, encouragement and community.

Crowd of students eating at Light on the Hill
The warm dusk makes a perfect backdrop for students enjoying each other's company at Light on the Hill on August 28th.

Reach out. Push yourself. Ask more questions. That was the prompt from speaker Erika Norton Mikkelson, a 2012 anthropology graduate and now director of Utah Scholars, a college-readiness program housed in the Office of Utah Higher Education.

And Joe Ward, CHaSS dean, has his own flavor of advice: In the buffet of college opportunities, choose something other than the standby. As he told students, “Kale? Who knows?”


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