November 21, 2022

Bookshelf 2020-2022

A list of the books recently published by CHaSS faculty

Brasileiro, Marcus
Bateman, B., Mattos, M., & Brasileiro, M. (2020) Perspectivas: Portuguese for Spanish Speakers 2 edition. Provo, UT: BYU Academic Publishing.

Cogan, Susan M.
Cogan, S. M. (2021) Catholic Social Networks in Early Modern England: Kinship, Gender, and Coexistence. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

Cooper Rompato, Christine F.
Cooper Rompato, C. (2022) Spiritual Calculations: Number and Numeracy in Medieval English Sermons. State College, PA: Penn State UP.

Dengah, Henri J.-F.
Dengah, H. F., Snodgrass, J. G., Polzer, E. R., & Nixon, W. C. (2021) Systematic Methods for Analyzing Culture: A Practical Guide. London: Routledge.

Finley, Judson B.
Bayer, E. & Finley, J. B. (2022) Ecopedagogies: Practical Approaches to Experiential Learning. London: Routledge.

Gilmore, Jason
Gilmore, J., & Rowling, C. (2021) Exceptional Me: How Donald Trump Exploited the Discourse of American Exceptionalism. London, England: IB Tauris/Bloomsbury.

Gossard, Julia M.
Gossard, J. (2021) Young Subjects: Children, State-Building, and Social Reform in the 18th-Century French World. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press.

Graham, Shane D.
Graham, S. D. (2020) Cultural Entanglements: Langston Hughes and the Rise of African and Caribbean Literature. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press.

Grayzel, Susan R.
Grayzel, S. R. (2022) The Age of the Gas Mask: How British Civillians Faced the Terrors of Total War. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.

Guo, Li
Guo, L. (2021) Writing Gender in Early Modern Chinese Women's Tanci Fiction. West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press.

Kinkead, Joyce A.
Kinkead, J. (2022) A Writing Studies Primer. Peterborough, ON: Broadview.

Lopez Gonzalez, Crescencio
Lopez Gonzalez, C. (2020) The Latinx Urban Condition: Trauma, Memory, and Desire in Latinx Literature and Culture. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Mason, Patrick Q.
Mason, P. Q. (2020) Restoration: God's Call to the 21st-Century World. Meridian, ID: Faith Matters.

McCuskey, Brian W.
McCuskey, B. W. (2021) How Sherlock Pulled the Trick: Spiritualism and the Pseudoscientific Method. University Park, PA: Penn State University Press.

McNeill, Lynne
Edison, C., Eliason, E. & McNeill, L. (2020) This is the Plate: Utah Food Traditions. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press.

Miller, Kristine A.
Miller, K. A. (2020) Honors Contracts: Insights and Oversights. Lincoln, NE: National Collegiate Honors Council.

Pascarella, John Antonio
Pascarella, J. A. (2022) Economics and the Public Good: The End of Desire in Aristotle's Politics and Ethics. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.

Rego, Cacilda
Draper, J. & Rego, C. (2022) Women-Centered Brazillian Cinema: Filmmakers and Protagonists of the Twenty-First Century. Albany: SUNY Press.

Richter, David
McKinney, C. & Richter, D. (2020) Spanish Graphic Narratives: Recent Developments in Sequential Art. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Robison, Rachel D.
Green, R. & Robison, R. (2020) His Dark Materials and Philosophy. Chicago: Open Court.

Ross, Danielle
Ross, D. (2020) Tatar Empire: Kazan's Muslims and the Making of the Russian Empire. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press.

Ross, D. & Sartori, P. (2020) Sharia in the Russian Empire: The Reach and Limits of Islamic Law in Central Eurasia, 1550-1917. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Russell, Josi J.
Avari, J. (2022) Love Birds: Aloha Chicken Mysteries Book 13. Blanding, UT: Quill Canyon Press.

Avari, J. (2021) Egg Nog: Aloha Chicken Mysteries Book 12. Blanding, UT: Quill Canyon Press.

Avari, J. (2021) Chicken Out: Aloha Chicken Mysteries Book 11. Blanding, UT: Quill Canyon Press.

Avari, J. (2020) Chick Flick: Aloha Chicken Mysteries Book 10. Blanding, UT: Quill Canyon Press.

Avari, J. (2020) Bad Egg: Aloha Chicken Mysteries Book 9. Blanding, UT: Quill Canyon Press.

Avari, J. (2020) Empty Nest: Aloha Chicken Mysteries Book 8. Blanding, UT: Quill Canyon Press.

Avari, J. (2020) Three French Hens: Aloha Chicken Mysteries Book 7. Blanding, UT: Quill Canyon Press.

Avari, J. (2020) Sunny Side Up: Aloha Chicken Mysteries Book 6. Blanding, UT: Quill Canyon Press.

Sanders, Matthew L.
Koschmann, M. A., & Sanders, M. L. (2020) Understanding Nonprofit Work: A Communication Perspective. Hobooken NJ: Wiley Blackwell.

Seiter, John S.
Seiter, J. S., & Weger, H. (2020) Nonverbal Communication in Political Debates. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Spicer-Escalante, Maria L.
Spicer-Escalante, M. L. (2020) La Escritura Periodística: La noticia, La Crónica y la Entrevista. Textbook for the Spanish Bridge Program. Logan, UT: Utah State University.

Thoms, Joshua
Blyth, C. & Thoms, J. (2021) Open Education and Foreign Language Learning and Teaching: The Rise of a New Knowledge Ecology. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

Twede, Jason A.
Marion, N. & Twede, J. (2020) Cybercrime: An Encyclopedia of Digital Crime. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO

Valencia, Felipe
Valencia, F. (2021) The Melancholy Void: Lyric and Masculinity in the Age of Góngora. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press.

Walton, Rebecca
Agboka, G. Y. & Walton, R. (2021) Equipping Technical Communicators for Social Justice Work: Theories, Methodologies, and Pedagogies. Logan, UT: Utah State University Press.


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