Study Abroad


Students who take part in USU's Study Abroad program immerse themselves in different cultures and languages, make friends and gain valuable global perspectives. By studying a language abroad, students can enhance their own speaking, reading and listening skills by practicing with native speakers, observing cultural differences, and spending time with their language of choice in day-to-day situations.

Upcoming Trips


Study in France! Become more proficient in the French language, increase your cultural competency, and be confident continuing language studies at USU! This study abroad takes students to the South of France, specifically Antibes, to spend four weeks learning French and absorbing the culture. Instructed by local, qualified teachers in the Centre International d'Antibes (CIA), students will have the opportunity to practice French in a completely immersed linguistic and cultural setting both in the classroom and out of it.


Study in Portugal! Immerse yourself in Portuguese languages and culture! Hosted by the Lusa Language School, located in the center of Lisbon, students will learn about Portuguese culture and history in an informal environment outside of the usual classroom setup. Practice your language skills in real life, listening to how Portuguese is used in everyday life, while exploring the city's downtown and many local attractions.


Study in Spain! Study Spanish in Spain at all language levels! This 4-week program at the Fundación Universidad de La Rioja in Logroño, Spain offers language, literature and culture courses, and weekly excursions to different parts of Spain. Living in Spain for a month gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language and culture, improving Spanish language skills and cultural understanding.

Club Contact

If interested in this program, please visit USU's Office of Global Engagement.