World Languages and Cultures

graduating class 2022. fourteen students and the department head, Crescencio Lopez, smiling at the camera in a line after graduation in the gymnasium in front of collapsed bleachers and a wall that says AGGIES and has an American flag hanging.

Welcome to World Languages & Cultures!

The Department of World Languages and Cultures is more than just a place, more than just a college. Here we explore our connections to people and community through language and culture. We are a unique and diverse department and believe an essential part of becoming an educated person is understanding oneself and how we connect with people around the world. 

We invite anyone interested in learning a language, exploring different cultures, and meeting interesting people to join our department and celebrate diversity with our incredible students and faculty. 

Proficiency Testing

Students may schedule a time to take a language proficiency test in person on the Logan Main Campus or remotely at a USU Location if they wish to gain credit for their foreign language fluency.

Not Fluent? Not a Problem!

USU offers many beginner classes taught in English - no experience needed!

Fields of Study

Asian Studies - Major, Minor

Improve your language skills, understand a diverse range of Asian cultures and communities, and open a window into countries of growing global importance.

Arabic Studies - Minor

Expand your understanding of the Arabic culture as you develop knowledge of the Arabic language, regions, the people that surround it and it's connection to Islam.

Linguistics - Minor

With courses ranging from language’s role in religion to second language acquisition, students will gain an appreciation of language and the societies they come from.

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