Tour the Plans For the New Building!

Planning a quad-side building is no small feat. College and department leaders along with architects and design teams have put in a tremendous amout of time to ensure no detail is left to chance. Below we dive into just a few of these.

The following provides some examples of the depth of analysis that has gone into making this building a reality. From solar paths to wind and shadow interactions, the designers of this building have taken every step to create a building that suits the Quad and brings its own unique personality.

Changes to Campus

Champ Drive

Before the construction of the Mehdi Heravi Global Learning and Teaching Center begins, you may notice additional construction and maintenance happening around the construction site. In particular, the area of Champ Drive around the construction site and the Ray B. West building will be realigned and straightened to remove the sharp corner that exists there now. This is being done to increase the safety of pedestrians and vehicles in that section of the drive and to increase access for emergency vehicles. Campus and local shuttle services are not anticipated to be affected by these changes.

Purple Parking Lot

The purple parking lot west of the Ray B. West building will have major restructuring done during the construction period to allow for space for the new building. The university is expecting to retain 110 stalls after construction is completed and is looking into expansion options to increase that number.

The Quad

In designing the Mehdi Heravi Global Teaching and Learning Center, great care has been taken to create a building that matches “… the architectural language and rhythm of the Quad.” The building’s planned location is prominent on the Quad, nestled between the historic Ray B. West and Old Main buildings. Architects have designed the exterior to match the existing elements on the Quad while giving the building its own distinct personality.

Specific Room Information