Karin DeJonge-Kannan

Linguistics - World Languages and Cultures

Principal Lecturer Emeritus

Karin DeJonge-Kannan

Contact Information

Phone: +1 435 797 1209
Email: karin.dejongekan@usu.edu
Additional Information:

Educational Background

Ph.D in Linguistics, with emphases in Second Language Acquisition and Psycholinguistics, Indiana University, 1995
M.A. in Applied Linguistics/TESOL, Indiana University, 1987
B.A. in International Management, Central College (Pella, Iowa), 1986

Connections between culture, language, learning, and teaching

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deJonge-Kannan, K. (2019). How students learn and instructors can, too: Effective college teaching according to Eyler (2018). Book review published in Journal of Empowering Teaching Excellence, 3(2). https://digitalcommons.usu.edu/jete/vol3/iss2/

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