Light of Old Main

Outstanding Employee Award

The Light of Old Main Outstanding Employee Award is given each year to recognize an individual who has demonstrated strong leadership within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. *Eligible positions for this award include academic advisors, business assistants/managers, directors, program coordinators, production/staff assistants, system administrators, etc. The nominees should consistently contribute to their programs and the college by carrying out the responsibilities of their job in an exceptional manner. Nominees must have at least five years of eligible service (benefit-eligible position working 50% time or greater) at Utah State University and be a current employee.

The recipient will be recognized at the CHaSS Awards Ceremony. Portfolio is forwarded to the Office of Human Resources to be considered for the university Employee of the Year. 

Nomination materials:

  • A one-page, double-spaced, nomination letter from the department head or director, and a current résumé

Nominations are due December 15 to the CHaSS Dean's Office (OM 338) or via email to

Carson Esplin in a red shirt smiling as he hugs his daughter

2022 award winner Carson Esplin | Dean's Office