Legacy Award

The Legacy of Utah State Award is given each year to recognize and emphasize a student who represents the heart and soul of the university. Students should show a commitment to the institution and their program of study, as well as demonstrate internal involvement and service, department dedication, perseverance during times of adversity, and contributions behind the scenes. 

Recognized at the CHaSS Awards Ceremony. One winner will be selected to compete as the CHaSS representative for the university’s Legacy Award. 

Nomination materials:

  • Nomination letter from the dean of the college
  • Letter of support from the department head
  • Letter of support from the faculty who nominated them (if the faculty member is the dean or department head, no additional letter is required)
  • Contact information for the nominee (phone and/or e-mail address)

Nominations are due December 15 to the CHaSS Deans Office (338 OM) or via email to chass@usu.edu.

Jamal Jared Alexander smiling in a grey shirt

2022 award winner Monique Davila | History