CHaSS O' Lantern

The Old Main Project

The hunt approacheth!

Last year CHaSS students managed to rescue Dean Joe Ward from the depths of the CHaSS O' Lantern's Digital Labyrinth. But something eerie has been happening to Old Main as of late. The numbers 10/23/23 have been seen inexplicably around the halls of the building. What do they mean... WHAT DO THEY MEAN!!!

This year's prizes:

CHaSS O' Lantern is returning this year. Students will be able to do this event from their phones to win all kinds of CHaSS O' Lanterny prizes for completing the challenge. Find the CHaSS O Lantern 4 times and follow the instructions at the end of the experience to be entered to win. These prizes include:

  • CHaSS swag including Old Main Socks
  • "Pumpkid" water bottle stickers
  • Several winners will receive small scholarships (CHaSS students only)
  • Four winners will get guided tours, for them and their friends, through the tunnels beneath Old Main. (This prize may not be accessible for all levels of mobility; some restrictions may apply.)

New to AR?

AR (augmented reality) is a way to merge the digital world and the real world. For this year's CHaSS O' Lantern contest you will be asked to:

  1. Scan the QR code or click on the link.
  2. Download Adobe's Aero app on your phone (depending on your model). *Note if the expereince doesn't load immediately after download, you may need to rescan the QR.
  3. Once loaded you will need to move your phone side-to-side until you see a model of Old Main appearing on the screen, trying to "attach" to surfaces in your environment.
  4. Tap to place the Old Main model. We suggest using a table or desk top; give yourself a little room to move around. (It may freeze for a moment to finish loading a few assets.)
  5. Once loaded you will use your phone to explore digital Old Main and hunt down the CHaSS O' Lantern. You will navigate by physically moving your phone around the experience. If you find the CHaSS O' Lantern be sure to tap on him!


The CHaSS-O-Lantern emerged from his tunnels in 2020, when campus was empty due to plague. Burdened with the job of raising "pumpkinlings," he tried to hide his children around campus but was foiled by the few students who remained. They found his kids, and he was forced to retrieve them.

In 2021, he emerged again, but this time he tricked students into writing scary stories that put his children to sleep. Now, the CHaSS-O-Lantern was free to roam campus, spewing forth "magick" along the way in an attempt to cast an evil curse. Fortunately, students played into his vanity and took his picture, which sent him to the digital realm where he now bides his time waiting to strike.

CHaSS O' Lantern 2022

Take a look at the launch video of 2022's event in which students came to the rescue of Joe Ward, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, who had been trapped in a digital labyrinth through false promises of aggie blue mint icecream.