Composition Program

English 1010, English 2010, and English 2020

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The USU Composition Program emphasizes that writing is a social act, which recognizes and values the differences in language, people, and ideas. We believe that students enter the writing classroom with prior knowledge and lived experiences, and our courses are designed to build on students’ expertise, questions, and insights. In English 1010, 2010, and 2020, students learn how to write and research for multiple contexts, audiences, and purposes, preparing them for future academic, professional, and community contexts. Students participate in writing classes that are collaborative, supportive, and small by design. These courses also fulfill the Communications Literacy 1 and 2 (CL1 and CL2) General Education requirements. After English 2010 or 2020, students go on to complete degrees in diverse majors and continue writing as a means of engaging in community.

Real World Application 

These courses teach students to successfully write for the college classes, professional situations, and community contexts where reading, writing, thinking, and oral communication are important. We emphasize that writing is an effective way of learning by focusing on critical thinking, research, and revision (English 1010, English 2010, & English 2020 Outcomes). Students compose dynamic documents geared toward communicating messages for specific purposes and audiences, both within the classroom and beyond the university.

Get Involved 

USU Honors Program

Participate in discussion-oriented classes and reading groups while taking advantage of other Honors-specific benefits.

Writing Center

The Utah State University Writing Centers provide a positive and inclusive environment for university and community writers to improve their communication skills.

Writing Fellows

Polish your academic writing alongside a tutor with one-on-one sessions, or apply to become a writing fellow yourself.

Instructor Spotlight 

  • Jeremy Ricketts

    Jeremy Ricketts is the English department’s Lecturer of the Year and the new Associate Director of Concurrent Enrollment (CE). His teaching and research interests focus on how popular culture shapes people’s perceptions of religious and multicultural identities in wide ranging works such as the films of Robert Rodriguez, the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the graphic novel series Barefoot Gen, and speeches from the Vietnam War era. Jeremy loves working with students and building a classroom community where dynamic learning takes place, students are co-creators of knowledge, and a bit of fun is had as well. He is excited about his new role in Concurrent Enrollment as he also values teacher mentorship and working with CE Instructors to build classroom community across the state.

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