Master of Social Work

Graduate Program



The graduate social work program is designed to produce knowledgeable and empathetic practitioners with an emphasis on the importance of human relationships, advocating for social justice, honoring the dignity and worth of people, and practicing with competence. There are an assortment of programs available to accommodate different student schedules and needs as they study to use their degree to advocate for change in their communities.

Career Application

Graduates of this program have the opportunity choose the employment opportunities that relate to their professional aspirations. They may seek for employment in family, military, or school social work, criminal justice and corrections, public welfare, or as private practitioners.

MSW Program Options

Utah State is proud to offer a variety of options for obtaining a Master of Social Work (MSW) so that you can find a program perfectly suited for you.

1-Year Full-Time Advanced Standing
One-Year Program
Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Required
Logan Campus Only

5 Semester Part-time Advanced Standing
5 Semester Program
Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Required
USU Statewide Campuses Only

2-year Full-time
Two-Year Program
Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Not Required
Logan Campus Only

3-year Part-time
3-Year Program
Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Not Required
USU Statewide Campuses Only

Mission Statement

The mission of the MSW program is to prepare its graduates as professionals in advanced generalist practice and to equip them with skills necessary for leadership roles within the Social Work profession. The program is committed to enhancing the quality of life in Utah, the nation, and the world, through service learning, leadership development, research, and extension, and is reflective of the fundamental need to adjust social institutions to the democratic and egalitarian ideals of both the University and the Social Work profession. The Social Work program at USU recognizes the historic importance of social welfare in rebalancing the country’s economic and social structure. The program is committed to the resolution of contemporary human social problems, such as poverty, racism, discrimination, and economic injustice. The program seeks to instill in its graduates a deep commitment to the profession’s traditional concerns with social justice and social welfare.

The MSW program emphasizes the advanced generalist practice knowledge and skills essential to the tasks of promoting social welfare, especially among vulnerable populations, in institutions such as education, health care, employment, housing, and criminal justice. The program is dedicated to the development of social workers who understand the need to advocate for vulnerable populations, and to work toward the establishment of societies free from poverty, violence, oppression, and discrimination.

The MSW program’s curriculum rests on tripartite underpinnings, the strengthsperspective, the empowerment approach, and a social justice philosophy, which are tied to the program’s mission, goals, and objectives. Accordingly, these themes are integrated into and emphasized throughout the curriculum.

Additional Information: 

USU’s Social Work programs are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and consequently meet licensure requirements in all 50 states. States differ in their licensing processes and students are encouraged to become familiar with these processes when pursuing licensure in a particular state. 

Program Advisor

Susan Cutler Egbert

Susan Cutler Egbert

Clinical Professor | MSW Program Director | Statewide MSW Coordinator

(801) 518-1115
USU Kaysville Center

Jefferson "J.C." Sheen

Jefferson "J.C." Sheen

Assistant Professor | MSW Program Coordinator for Logan Campus

(435) 797-8113
Old Main 244B

Generic Placeholder Image for Person

Chelsey Spears

MSW Graduate Program Coordinator - Statewide Campuses


Morgan Walton

Morgan Walton

Graduate Program Coordinator - Logan Campus

(435) 797-1754
Old Main 215

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