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What keeps people from healing?  

 This is the question psychiatrist Stanley H. Block, M.D., decided to pursue after an extensive 40-year career from numerous academic appointments, working in private practice in Beverly Hills, CA , with the rich and famous, to supervising psychiatric hospitals in Maine.   

Searching for an answer to this question led Dr. Block and his wife, Carolyn Bryant Block, a trained mental health therapist, to discover what is now known as the Identity System (or I-System). When one's I-System is overactive, this causes one to experience mind-clutter and body tension, leaving them unable to think clearly and function at their best. In this dysfunctional mind-body state, the mind and body no longer work in harmony, inhibiting one's ability to heal both mentally and physically. This important discovery led Dr. Block and Carolyn to develop Mind-Body Bridging (MBB).   

MBB consists of six simple skills that restore this mind-body disconnection, enabling the mind and body to once again work together harmoniously (a mind-body state called Natural Functioning), thereby facilitating healing at a more rapid and uninhibited pace. 

The I-System Model of Human Behavior and MBB have been used worldwide to help thousands from all walks of life to build psychological resilience and improve their quality of life.

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