WLGC Financial Aid

The World Languages and Cultures Department at Utah State University offers students financial aid in several different ways, whether it be loans, scholarships, grants, etc.

How to apply

Students may apply for scholarships offered through the World Languages and Cultures Department by going to Utah State University's Scholarship Online Application site named ScholarshipUniverse. This portal enables students apply to all relevant scholarships across the University.

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Department Scholarships

Our department offers scholarships and other financial aid opportunities at department, college and university levels. This page contains some information for scholarships, but unless otherwise stated, the application process must take place on ScholarshipUniverse. Applicants can find more specific information about the individual scholarships there, as well.

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USU Financial Aid

Students may also apply for financial aid available to all colleges, majors, and minors through the University's Financial Aid office, in addition to the aforementioned scholarships specific to the World Languages and Cultures Department. This includes information about how to apply for the FAFSA, grants, and other opportunities to help you attend Utah State University.

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