October 9, 2022

The July 2022 issue of NCTE’s College English features an article written by 14 undergraduates, who were enrolled in a research methods course, English 3470, taught by Dr. Joyce Kinkead in Fall 2020.

The students sought to discover outcomes of a course designed for English majors that teaches empirical research methods and uses quantitative and qualitative data collection. Their review of literature found that while several studies have focused on undergraduates who engage in research—considered a “high impact practice”—little, if any, work has been done to measure impact on English majors who conduct empirically based research. Their findings elicited through interviews and surveys indicate that such a course can have a significant impact on students’ understanding of and practice with research, while also involving them in studies meaningful to their future careers. Additionally, authentic dissemination of research through presentation and publication contributed to their communication skills.

Joyce says, “College English has a very high threshold rate for acceptance, and it’s really extraordinary that undergraduates are published in this venue. I’m incredibly proud of them. Credit goes to editor Melissa Ianetta, too, who made undergraduate research a priority.”