May 8, 2023

Each April during Research Week, the Student Research Symposium (SRS) provides space and resources for more than 300 graduate and undergraduate presenters to share their research with peers, faculty evaluators, and the campus community through experience, evaluation, and training. Students present their work in short videos, posters, visual arts exhibitions, and performances and get feedback from evaluators on their work. The following are the students and their faculty mentors associated with the English Department. Presentations can viewed online.

  • Scott Swain, "The Accuracy of Swords in the Works of William Shakespeare" (oral presentation), Christine Cooper-Rompato, Faculty Mentor
  • Ericka Stone, "Critiquing the Present and Imagining the Future: Diversity in Contemporary Young Adult Dystopian Fiction" (poster), Nathan Straight and Adena Rivera-Dundas, Faculty Mentors
  • Basil Payne, "Visual Blackout Poetry: An Emerging Form of Creative Expression"(poster), Ben Gunsberg, Faculty Mentor
  • Honors 1320 students, "Is the Pen Mightier than the Computer? An Analysis of Digital Natives' Preferred Writing Implements" (poster), Joyce Kinkead, Faculty Mentor
  • Marianne Hale, "Incredible Witnesses: ​An Analysis of Thomas of Cantimpré’s Use of Witnesses in the Lives of Christina the Astonishing and Margaret of Ypres" (oral), Christine Cooper-Rompato, Faculty Mentor
  • Kalie Chamberlain, "#blacklivesDOmatter: Critical Counter-Storytelling at a Harlem Charter School (2 Posters) & "Civic Education, School Climate, and Gender in Latin American Countries: A Path Analysis Using ICCS 2016 Data," Amy Piotrowski, Faculty Mentor

The latter poster by Kalie Chamberlain, a PhD candidate, was awarded Best Graduate Poster in Education and Social Sciences.

The first-ever Honors Capstone Showcase on Friday, April 14, 2023 celebrated 2022-2023 graduates, who presented their capstone research and creative work during this final poster session of USU Research Week, immediately following the Student Research Awards Ceremony. Honors graduate Ericka Stone presented her research project at that event, too.