October 1, 2022
Beth BuyserieJessica Rivera-Mueller

Assistant Professors Beth Buyserie and Jessica Rivera-Mueller were both recognized as Master Teachers at this year’s Empowering Teaching Excellence (ETE) Conference on August 17 at USU’s Logan campus. The Master Teaching Certificate is a terminal credential in the ETE10 program which requires evidence of teaching improvement and dedication to student success.  

Beth says of her time in the program, “I loved participating in ETE’s teaching certificate program. I care deeply about developing as a teacher, and the program provided me with dedicated time to focus on my teaching—and to challenge myself by attending events, reading new scholarship, and practicing self-assessment in ways that I might not otherwise have made time for. I also appreciated the opportunity to interact with teachers from a variety of disciplines and campuses. We learn so much about teaching when we engage as a community, and I learned something new about teaching from every one of my new colleagues. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with ETE, and I would encourage others to participate in the teaching certificate program.” 

Jessica agrees, adding, “Participating in ETE’s certificate program was a wonderful experience. It helped me connect with educators across USU who care deeply about ongoing teacher-learning. For me, these connections were especially important for navigating teaching and learning during the early moments of the pandemic. I learned a great deal from my colleagues and the instructional leaders who guide ETE, but I also felt part of a community that continued to pursue excellence in teaching during unprecedented times. I’m really thankful for this community.”