April 8, 2022

Jason Olsen Publishes Poem in Rattle

Jason Olsen Portrait

Associate Professor Jason Olsen published his postmodern poem “If Anyone Was Offended...” in issue #73 of Rattle. The publication’s mission is to “promote the practice of poetry” with poems “that rattle[] around inside you for years.”

“If Anyone Was Offended...” is a collection of direct quotes from celebrity apologies, artfully arranged via collage to showcase how such apologies have become a kind of genre unto themselves. Jason explains, “'If Anyone Was Offended...' was an interesting poem to create. All of the lines of the poem are from celebrity apologies, most of which are kind of awful. But merging them together became fascinatinga sort of deconstruction of apologies, especially insincere apologies.”

Jason’s poem can be accessed in both text and audio format here on Rattle’s website


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