May 3, 2024
graduation photo depicting students graduating in their cap and gowns from USU.

English Students Go
on to Graduate School

It is no secret that a degree in English prepares our students for a wide range of opportunities, and we are so pleased to see our students succeed in graduate school and in their careers. We are thrilled to announce that the following students will be attending graduate programs in the Fall. We wish all of our students the very best as they continue on their educational journeys.

Basil Payne will be attending USU to earn their master’s in Creative Writing.  

Ryker Eggenberger will be attending USU’s Creative Writing master’s program.  

Amber McCuen will be attending USU’s Creative Writing master’s program.  

Clarissa Casper will be attending USU to earn her master’s in Creative Writing.  

Jack Bylund will attend New Mexico State University to pursue his MFA in Creative Writing.  

Jay Paine will be attending New Mexico State University for an MFA in Creative Writing.  

Jacob Taylor has been accepted to Illinois State University for a PhD in Creative Prose.  

Hannah Lee will attend University of Montana for her MFA in Creative Nonfiction.  

Paige Winegar Fetzer will be attending BYU for her MFA in Poetry.  

Megan Eralie-Henriques, a former English Department graduate student, will attend Minnesota State Mankato to pursue her MFA in Creative Nonfiction.  

Makayla Darrow was accepted to both Texas A&M University’s master’s program in Government and Public Service with an emphasis in National Security and Diplomacy, and USU’s Master of Participatory Intelligence program.  

Samantha Wallace, who is an English Literature emphasis, will attend Texas Women’s University to pursue a Master of Library Science degree.  

Andraea Jones has been accepted to BYU’s master’s program in English Literature. 

Olivia Burnett, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Technical Communication and Rhetoric, will attend the University of Vermont to study English Literature.  

Nikki Christensen will be attending USU to pursue her master’s in Folklore.  

Xiomara Castro, an English Department alumn, will be attending a PhD program at UC Davis in English, with a first year Provost Fellowship. 

Sydney Little, who graduated in 2023 with a degree in English Teaching, will be attending the University of Utah, pursuing her master’s in English.