March 7, 2023

Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Technical Communication Avery Edenfield, along with Emmalee Fishburn (Office of Equity) and Felicia Gallegos (SAAVI), recently published “Unlikely Allies in Preventing Sexual Misconduct: Student Led Prevention Efforts in a Technical Communication Classroom” in Communication Design Quarterly. The article won a gold medal in the 2022-2023 National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Excellence Awards in the category of Campus Security, Crisis Management, Student Conduct, and Community Standards Violence Prevention.

About this experience and award, Avery says, “This article was written as a collaboration between faculty and staff. Emmalee Fishburn and Felicia Gallegos have a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge, so writing with them was a real pleasure. I didn't have to be an expert in that field, and they didn't have to be an expert in pedagogy. We could pull our collective experience and knowledge together to talk about how we did something we felt folks could learn from. That's really the focus of this article: doing the work. I was especially excited to draw on fellow English faculty's previous research in a USU classroom as well. We use a framework developed by Rebecca Walton and Jared Colton. It's just exciting to continue that work they started. So, I think this article is rather unique: it uses a framework developed at USU, applies it to a USU classroom, and is co-written with staff who are in the work every day. And, the award is for a student affairs organization, not an English or writing organization, which is pretty wild!”