April 28, 2023

On April 19, 2023, the English Department hosted its annual teaching conference designed for the English concurrent enrollment teachers who teach ENGL 1010 and/or ENGL 2200 for Utah State University and the USU faculty members who support reciprocal mentorship through the department's Teaching Partnership program. This year’s conference, "Reflexive Inquiry: (Re)Creating our Program," provided breakout sessions to help participants inquire into their own teaching, the field’s scholarship, and our shared program. At the conference, the program celebrated its successful CCCC presentation, which was delivered by Assistant Professor Jessica Rivera-Mueller, Lecturer Deanna Allred, Principal Lecturer John Engler, Lecturer Jeremy Ricketts, and concurrent enrollment teacher Andrea Thompson. Breakout sessions focusing on inquiry into scholarship were led by Lecturer Mary Ellen Greenwood, Deanna Allred, and Jeremy Ricketts.

Led by Jessica Rivera-Mueller, the conference was held in a hybrid format to facilitate communication among all of our teachers. This year, fourteen concurrent enrollment teachers from across the state and seven teaching partners participated in the conference.