Master of Technical Communication (Professional Degree Program)

Utah State University’s Master of Technical Communication (MTC) is a professional degree program designed to appeal to a broad range of students, including practicing professional writers, students planning to undertake a PhD in Technical Communication, and secondary education teachers. All required courses are taken online to accommodate students who are already in the workplace. Previous to Spring 2016, the Technical Communication Program also offered at least one face-to-face course every semester. As of Spring 2016, all classes are online.

On day 15 after the semester starts, we will have an accurate number of the actual active students enrolled in the program for Fall 2016. Because this is a professional degree program, many students often take a leave of absence for at least a semester during the program. Therefore, our total number of students in the program can often be quite different from the total number of active students any given semester. We will post our current active number here by September 15.

Below is a chart displaying the number of actively enrolled students in our program. We include summer semester because professional students often rely on summer classes to complete their degrees.




Total number of active students enrolled


Master of Technical
Communication (MTC)
  Fall 2016 (projected)  18
 Summer 2016  8
MTC  Spring 2016  14
MTC  Fall 2015  12
MTC  Summer 2015  11
MTC Spring 2015  16
MTC (or MS in
 Fall 2014  15

*In 2014 the Master of Science in English (Technical Writing Specialization) became the Master of Technical Communication.