Classics - Civilizations



The civilization minor emphasis allows students to understand the origins of modern civilization, providing a look into the ancient roots of our government, literature, science, and laws. Students will study Greek and Roman history as well as a variety of elective courses, from classical mythology to ancient philosophy as they discover the foundations of today’s world.

Real World Application

Graduates of this program will leave prepared to continue their study of the Greco-Roman period. This program is designed to enhance students intellectual, research, and practical skills and provides students supplemental practice in utilizing them. Employment opportunities will vary depending on the major, but the emphasis on building foundational knowledge and skills will enhance graduates’ chosen career paths.

Program Highlights

Undergraduate Projects

Gain inspiration for your own research projects by viewing a collection of undergraduate research undertaken by students in the classics program.

Classics Book Club

Interact with literature that connects to topics relevant to Greco-Roman literary tradition and uncover the ways that they interact with modern society.

Des-TROY Digital Role Play

The Classics Program at USU announces a new RPG called D.E.S.Troy (Destination: Exterminate or Save Troy), in which students are assigned roles as Greeks or Trojans.

Ludi Romani

This program-wide activity brings together undergrads, graduate students and alumni to connect the USU classics community across generations, paving the way for professional and social networking. Roleplay as Roman senators, gods, generals, and nobles in ...

Program Advisor

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