Family Game Night

A long-running tradition in the classics program makes a triumphant return after a 2-year long break.

Generations of Study

Even after graduation, alumni of the classics program are continually active through activities such as the Ludi Romani. These activites present great opportunities to network with professionals and see where a degree within the classics program can lead you!

Explore Degrees

Latin - Minor

Gain proficiency in classical Latin grammar and syntax alongside courses on Roman culture and history.

Latin Teaching - Classics Minor

Learn to teach Latin with a focus on the best and latest pedagogy. This minor, offered by the Department of History, goes well with a History Teaching major as well as many other degrees across the university.

Program Highlights


Get Involved

Classics at USU has several unique student and alumni activities.

Undergraduate Projects

Gain inspiration for your own research projects by viewing a collection of undergraduate research undertaken by students in the classics program.

Classics Book Club

Interact with literature that connects to topics relevant to Greco-Roman literary tradition and uncover the ways that they interact with modern society.

Des-TROY Digital Role Play

The Classics Program at USU announces a new RPG called D.E.S.Troy (Destination: Exterminate or Save Troy), in which students are assigned roles as Greeks or Trojans.

Ludi Romani

This program-wide activity reconnects the USU classics community across generations, paving the way for professional and social networking. Roleplay as Roman senators, gods, generals, and nobles in an exciting game that reenacts history as you attempt to ...

Summer Greek

Complete an entire year of introductory ancient Greek in just seven weeks. This summer intensive course creates a tight nit cohort of students with a passion for ancient greek.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

  • Utah State University offers many options for financial aid, including university level scholarships and aid available to specific colleges and majors.