Environmental Change, Community Engagement and Wellness Track
Major Emphasis

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The environmental change & community engagement track of anthropology introduces students to the core dimensions of global environmental change; introduces community engagement and service as key responses to such changes; and introduces wellness as a holistic concept that includes social, mental and physical health in the face of global change in Utah’s communities.

Field Schools

Students on a field school trip to Peru

Anthropology students at Utah State have the opportunity to participate in many different Archaeological and Ethnographic Field Schools, where they can experience what anthropologists do on a daily basis.

Water Heritage Anthropological Project

Water Heritage Logo. Water Heritage, Ethnographic Methods, Outreach & Engagement, Education & Scholarship, Archival Research, Archaeological Methods

The Water Heritage Anthropological Project focuses on the relationship between historic and ancient water features and associated communities.


Program Advisor

Tom Liljegren

Tom Liljegren

Advising - Director

Old Main 106

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